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New Life Outreach

About us

Hannah is born and raised in Randers, Jutland in Denmark. She met Egon who is born and raised in Tejn on the island of Bornholm at a youth camp on the island of Bornholm in 1965.

They fell madly in love and realized that God had brought them together for the purpose of spreading the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ. This they have done since their engagement in 1967.

As evangelists they have ministered on the island of Bornholm, in Norway and in the Danish towns of Haderslev and Esbjerg. Since 1974 they have dedicated their lives to the Tanzanian people.

They have 3 wonderful children. Tina, Ruben and Gitte. They are all married and together they have 8 children.

They have founded New Life Outreach and are heading up the ministry.

Hannah plays a large important role in the ministry as the daily leader. She is also a dedicated wife and helper to Egon. Egon has a strong anointed preaching ministry to the people of Tanzania.

They have a passion for this ministry until they are promoted to heaven.

New Life Outreach | Sagavej 5, DK - 3700 Rønne - Danmark | Phone: +45 56 91 10 10 | info@nlo.dk